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Young people with hypertension are not the same as older people with hypertension. Older persons with hypertension have something that we doctors label as essential hypertension. This basically means that the hypertension is due to a list of causes that we poorly understand in full. It is however important that we check these individuals for reasons like kidney disease, heart disease etc.

But in younger individuals, the reasons may be entirely different. Disease of the kidney, adrenal hormone overproduction, diseases involving the blood vessels of the kidney or aorta (large blood vessel arising from the heart), pituitary hormone overproduction etc. can lead on to high blood pressures. These are called “secondary hypertension “and may be curable.

If you have hypertension and any of the following features, you need to exclude a potential curable cause of hypertension

  1. If you have hypertension onset less than 40 years of age

  2. If you ever had a kidney disease in the past

  3. If you ever had a low potassium on blood tests

  4. If you have rapid weight gain, rounding of face , leg muscle weakness or pink stripes (striae) on your abdomen or irregular menstrual periods

  5. Episodes of sweating, palpitations or fainting spells

After all, your blood pressure may be “CURABLE”

Author: Dr. Mathew John (Endocrinologist)
Last modified: November 18, 2016
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