Endocrinology – Evaluation Plans

Polycystic Ovarian Disease Evaluation
PCOS being a common disease affecting at least 10 % of women in the reproductive age group. PCOS can present with various problems like hirsutism (excessive hair growth) , irregular periods, infertility and a host of metabolic problems like impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidaemia and heart disease. The expertise of an endocrinologist is important in deciding the timing for hormonal testing and interpreting these tests.

This evaluation includes

  1. Detailed history and clinical examination
  2. Hormonal evaluation
  3. Diet consultation for this evaluation of current dietary patterns and exercise.
  4. Imaging

Short Stature Evaluation Plan
Children can be short due to various reasons, some of which are quite benign like a familial short stature. But some reasons for short stature can be quite important and needs treatment at the earliest. Problems like growth hormone deficiency or celiac disease if not identified early can result in permanent stunting of growth. Some reasons like hypothyroidism if not diagnosed can result in delayed milestones and even reduction in IQ. Diseases like Cushing’s syndrome can be life threatening.

This evaluation includes

  1. Detailed history and clinical examination
  2. Bone age evaluation
  3. Investigations for short stature
  4. Dynamic growth hormone testing
  5. Imaging

Osteoporosis Evaluation Plan
Osteoporosis is extremely common. It is asymptomatic and potentially dangerous in that it causes fracture. Fractures of the hip can result in significant disability and around 30 % of adults after a fracture can die within 1 year. Osteoporosis is diagnosed by DXA scans. DXA scans have advanced over the years and current scans require significant technical expertise to interpret. In subjects with established osteoporosis, it is important to exclude secondary causes of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can be a sign of underlying metabolic diseases including serious illness like multiple myeloma. We have expertise in diagnosing and managing osteoporosis.

This evaluation includes

  1. Interpretation of DXA
  2. FRAX scoring for fracture risk
  3. Investigations to exclude secondary causes of osteoporosis
  4. Instituting treatment and long term follow up
  5. Opportunity to attend camps and educational activities

Obesity evaluation plans

General: It includes a set of investigations to look for risk factors in overweight patients. Personalized diet advice, consultation and follow up plan are advised.

Pre-bariatric Surgery Evaluation: it includes a set of investigations evaluating the general fitness for bariatric surgery in addition to different hormones and nutrients that may get deranged after bariatric surgery. With our experience in seeing bariatric surgery patients and advising their diet and nutritional replacements, this is an essential evaluation for very patient planning weight loss procedure.

Post bariatric Surgery Evaluation: these investigations help evaluate your status after bariatric surgery. We can diagnose and help you manage the possible nutritional and metabolic effects of bariatric procedure.

Most diseases in Endocrinology are complex. Some diseases require long term drugs and therapies. Endocrinology has been advancing quite fast and even specialists are not able to keep up with the advances, leave alone the patients. Counselling for various diseases and therapies are available in Providence.

  1. Growth hormone counselling: is available for patients with growth hormone deficiency or other paediatric conditions requiring GH. Includes session on education by endocrinologist and teaching of administration by nurse educator
  2. IV bisphosphonate therapy: is available for patients with osteoporosis.
  3. Type 1 diabetes counselling: by dietician and diabetes educator.