Most of us would know at least one person with thyroid disease. Yes, it is official: thyroid is one of the most common diseases in the community. It has been intriguing why the number of cases getting diagnosed with one or the other form of thyroid disease is increasing. Various factors may be contributing to this:

: more awareness of the disease and hence more testing

: easy availability and faster turnover of thyroid function tests

: more cases of medicine induced thyroid disease

: iodization has increased the number of mild autoimmune thyroid diseases in the community at the cost of reducing severe thyroid disease

: more imaging ( ultrasound, CT, MRI , PET scans) of the neck has led to more nodules being diagnosed

: increase in thyroid cancer related to various factors including earlier detection of small thyroid cancers

: certain chemicals known as “ endocrine disruptors” which include Bisphenol A, PCB, phalates, perchlorates etc. may be causing more thyroid related problems.

Author: Dr. Mathew John (Endocrinologist)
Last modified: February 20, 2017
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