Prader – Willi syndrome

Prader Willi syndrome

Prader – Willi syndrome is a genetic syndrome presenting as obesity in children. Many of these children are not identified in the early stages of life but may present later with obesity and behavioral problems. Children may have constant hunger and overeating. Most of these children have behavioral and learning problems. They tend to have higher fat mass and less of muscle. Poor muscle tone leads to floppy babies with poor suckling. They tend to have a peculiar faces with almond shaped eyes, turned down mouth and small upper lips. As they grow up, they tend to have developmental delay and poorly developed sexual organs. Older children and adults have sleep apnea (inadequate night sleep with day time sleepiness). It is important to identify children early since they can be cared for with regular checkups and growth hormone.

How can we help you?

  1. Assess the child for possible Prader Willi syndrome and other obesity syndromes
  2. Supervise the genetic testing
  3. Dietary assessment and suggestions
  4. Starting and managing growth hormone treatment
  5. Assessment of complications
  6. Following up puberty and its treatment