This online appointment system helps to schedule your appointment with Providence. Please enter all the details asked for so that we can serve you better. In case we are not able to give you the date requested, we will give you the earliest possible date. As this is not a real time appointment system, your appointment is confirmed only after you receive a confirmation e-mail or telephone call from our side.

Please don’t take any emergency/urgent appointments on this system.

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Appointment Schedule

Wednesdays Thyroid OPDs
Saturdays OPDs for Pediatric Endocrinolgy, Type 1 Diabetes and Privilege Patients
Other Days General OPD


You can also call any of the reception phone numbers to take appointments.

Reception: +91 – 471- 471- 6662888, 6662880,
Laboratory: +91-471-6662860,
Mobile: 9446590974

Your telephone numbers and e-mail id will be safe with us. We will use it for communications with you including the mailings of promotional material and health advices. Your medical information given at the site will be used only by our staff to help you with your care and will not be passed on to a third party without your consent.

Providence Endocrine and Diabetes Specialty Centre is an outpatient centre and does not cater to any emergencies. Please call emergency services in hospitals for this service. During office hours, our nurses and educators can help you with medical problems. Please tell the reception that you would like to talk to “Nurse” or “Diabetes Educator” when you call.

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