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The Providence Endocrine and Diabetes Specialty Centre

was started in March 2009 as a small consultation at Veerabhadra Gardens, Trivandrum by Dr Nishanth Sanalkumar and Dr. Mathew John. In May 2010, it was shifted to Murinjapalam and in 2018 to its current location at Prasanth Nagar, Ulloor. The centre provides personalized outpatient, non – emergency care to people with diabetes and endocrine diseases. Over time, we have added 2 important components of multidisciplinary diabetes care: ophthalmology and dental services. In October 2020, the centre was accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) under Allopathic Hospitals, the only outpatient diabetes and endocrine centre in the state to achieve it.

We believe in dealing with diabetes and endocrine diseases in a multidisciplinary way with patients as the centre of care. We have a team of dieticians, nurses, pharmacists, diabetes educators and doctors to provide the team care that every person deserves. We maintain a laboratory serving all our needs and pharmacy with temperature-controlled insulin storage and ancillary diabetes supplies.

This website is meant for both patients and professionals alike. It will help you know your care team better, clear your doubts on diseases, fix online appointments and teleconsultations, be in contact with us and prepare yourself for the consultations. You can follow us on Facebook for updates on diseases and facilities offered in the clinic. We are a forward-looking group adapting rapidly to technologies that will help to serve our clients better.

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