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At times, you feel that you want to consult doctors from the safety of your home. We will facilitate it with our Telemedicine program. We are fully aware of the limitations of a consultation without a physical visit, but at times Telemedicine becomes the best option when you get a continuity of care with an expert. Our consultants will try to understand your symptoms, do a virtual physical examination and prescribe appropriate medicine. Following this you will be called by the pharmacist for tele-dispensing the prescription. We can even make arrangements for the medicines to be delivered to you.

Providence accepts existing and new clients for a telemedicine visit. You can use this facility for a second opinion on any non-emergency endocrine or diabetes related issues. Communication options include text, audio or video calling.

Benefits of a telemedicine consultation with Providence

  • You can continue you care with the same physician who has seen you earlier
  • We have access to all your past electronic medical records. This will help us take better decisions for your care
  • We provide a proper prescription following the consultation
  • You can follow up with us with telemonitoring of blood glucose
  • If you are unable to come to the clinic, you can request a blood sampling at home (Know more)
  • Since we do direct telemedicine consultations, we don’t share your data with any 3rd parties
Terms and conditions of the consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions on Telemedicine Consultation

This collection of frequently asked questions will help you understand the process of telemedicine consultation at Providence Endocrine and Diabetes Specialty Centre.

Telemonitoring mainly looks at physiological parameters and makes decisions based on that. For example, looking at blood glucose level and adjusting insulin doses or looking at blood pressure and adjusting the medications.

The consultant you have opted to consult will give medical advice during a telemedicine consultation. However, another healthcare personal like a dietician or nurse may note down the initial history or gather all your medical records before you meet the doctor. If you are doing telemedicine consultation with a dietician, you will receive advice from them.

You can follow these steps if you want to do a telemedicine consultation

  • Read the terms and conditions related to telemedicine consultations
  • Fill the consent and request form
  • Email or WhatsApp your 1) Identification document 2) Recent prescription 3) Recent investigations
  • Indicate your preferred method of telemedicine consultation
  • Make necessary payments for the same
  • Engage in a teleconsultation
  • Get a prescription mailed to you

Although you cannot get a formal consultation and prescription of medicine from us, you can get suggestions on your current medical treatment or need for specialised procedure or surgeries. This will not include prescription of new drugs but will include discussion of possible treatment options. This will be called “SECOND OPINION “. You won’t be able to get medical reports or certificates suggesting your diagnosis or proposed treatment.

If the doctor is unable to reach a reasonable diagnosis with a teleconsultation, he/she will request you to attend the OPD within the next 14 days for a physical visit. He may order required investigations also and ask for repeat consultation within 14 days.

Yes. Following the consultation, you will get a prescription for medicines. If you are a new patient with Providence, your will not be provided with a prescription but with verbal suggestions on possible medications that you can use.

No. Telemedicine Consultations are always elective and depends on appointment timing of the doctor. For emergencies, you will need to visit emergency services.

Yes. If you are residing in city limits, we can deliver your medicines at your residence. Our pharmacist will get in touch with you.

Telemedicine consultations - Providence Endocrine & Diabetes Specialty Centre