Comprehensive Diabetes Evaluation

This set of investigations includes evaluation of kidney functions, liver functions, thyroid functions, HbA1c and Microalbumin (ACR) in addition to ECG, nutritional evaluation and advice, diabetes education, podiatry check and consultation with diabetologist. Personalized advice on diet and medications are given.

Mini Diabetes Evaluation

This includes a part of the Comprehensive Diabetes Evaluation investigations and consultation with diabetes specialist.

Type 1 diabetes evaluation

It includes evaluation of glycemia, in addition to liver, kidney and thyroid functions. Personalized self monitoring advice, dietary advice and medications are provided. Comprehensive autoimmunity panel and CGMS are according to the disease profile.

Gestational Diabetes Care Plan

Gestational Diabetes Care Plan includes a set of essential investigations for gestational diabetes in addition to personalized diet, insulin and self monitoring advice. The plan includes weekly telemonitoring of blood sugars and two weekly clinic visits.