• ”Diabetes

    Diabetes mellitus

    Diabetes mellitus including type 1 diabetes in children and gestational diabetes mellitus are seen in this clinic. The clinic has diabetes care plans for patients with diferrent risk profile in addition to plans for gestational diabetes. Follow up with web based systems is available for patients from far of places. Long term plans for diabetes care includes all relevant investigations and consulations with endocrinologist, dietician and educator. (Diabetes Care Plan). The clinic has experteise in management of analog insulins, GLP-1 analogs (Victoza, Byetta), glucometers, continous glucose monitoring systems and continous subcutaneous insulin infusions(CSII, insulin pumps).

  • ”Osteoporosis”


    Elderly women and men are prone to developing osteoporosis. Risk stratification is done by FRAX score and bone density testing. Patients with osteoporosis are offered the basic investigations at the clinic and referred for bone density with DXA. Work up for secondary causes of osteoporosis is done. Medications are advised based on the fracture risk. Dietary modifications and fall prevention are given to patients with osteoporosis. Metabolic Bone Profile is a set of investigations which are used in association with DXA for diagnosing and treating osteoporosis.

  • ”Thyroid

    Thyroid Diseases

    The center provides consultation to all forms of thyroid disease. One area of special interest is the management of thyroid nodules and management of thyroid disease in pregnancy. Not all thyroid nodules require surgical management. We will assess the nodules with ultrasound, thyroid function tests and fine needle aspiration to decide treatment. Thyroid diseases are common in pregnant women and can adversely affect pregnancy outcomes. We can help you titrate thyroid therapy and achieve the best possible outcomes. We offer medical consultations for patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC).

  • ”Polycystic

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Polycystic ovary syndrome has many facets (see FAQ on PCOS). It is not merely a disease of ovaries. It can affect blood sugars, cholesterol, periods and cause hair growth over the body and infertility. Our team can help you to take care of PCOS.

  • ”Short

    Short Stature

    We can help you understand whether your child is short. Diagnosing the cause of short stature is important before treatment. We can assess his height velocity (see FAQ on SS) and then decide whether he needs detailed evaluation. We are experts in initiating and maintaining growth hormone treatment. By combining auxology to biochemistry, we can ensure that your child reaches the best height potential.

  • ”Congenital

    Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)

    If not treated properly, patients with CAH end up short on height. The dose of steroids needs to be titrated based on biochemical values, auxology and clinical parameters. Our endocrinologists will help you do just that.

  • ”Obesity”


    Tough to cure. We will help you investigate if there are any hormonal causes for obesity. We will also help you evaluate if you suffer from any of the complications related to obesity. You can work with our dietician to evaluate your diet and suggest required modifications. We can even help you with required medication and discuss option of bariatric surgery. We are associated with Obesity Solutions to offer bariatric surgeries if you need the same.

  • ”Pubertal

    Pubertal Disorders

    We can help you find out if your child’s pubertal status is normal. Not dealing with delayed puberty appropriately can disturb your child. We will help you diagnose pubertal disorders either of early onset or late onset and will help you correct it. (See FAQ on puberty to know if your child may be having a pubertal problem)

  • ”Prolactin”


    Prolactin levels may be elevated for various reasons. One of the reasons is a small tumor in the pituitary. We will help you identify the reason for prolactin related problems and suggest solutions for the same.

  • ”Pituitary

    Pituitary Disease

    Pituitary disease can be subtle or obvious. Over production of pituitary hormones can cause Acromegaly, Cushing’s disease or Hyperprolactinemia. We can help you diagnose and manage your pituitary disease. We have experience with the use of molecules like long acting Octreotide to manage Acromegaly and Growth hormone to manage growth hormone insufficiency.