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Home blood sampling

Providence offers home sample collection facility. Our trained phlebotomists will visit your residence and collect blood samples in the most sterile conditions. Our phlebotomists are trained to observe the highest degree of hygiene and follow protocols to avoid infections.

Ordering a home blood sampling
Step1: Call out home blood sampling number 0471-6662860 (8 AM-5 PM) or fill up the form below:

Step 2: You will receive a call from our office in 12 hours and the procedure for sampling and payments will be discussed with you.

Step 3: Our trained phlebotomist will arrive at your residence for blood sampling

Frequently Asked Questions

Any tests from the above panel can be ordered. If you want to order a different panel of tests, please talk to our staff (phone: 0471 666288186066 01368). You can also order combination of tests.

Your reports will be sent within 8 hours via e mail or via a message.Physical reports if required can be delivered at home with an additional handling charge.

You will be explained about billing when you request the service.You can pay for the same by online bank transfer, credit card or google pay.

Our phlebotomists are trained in sterile collection of blood samples. They undergo weekly check ups to make sure that they are not suffering from any transmissible diseases. We use bar coded vacutainers for blood sampling avoiding all contact with blood directly. The phlebotomists will use all recommended personal protective equipment while collecting blood samples. The used disposables are segregated at the source in separate containers before leaving your house.

If you are living in Trivandrum city limits or within 5 km of the clinic, you can avail the facility of home blood sampling. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic travel restriction to certain areas may limit our ability to reach your house for a collection. Our reception can guide you in this aspect.

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