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Terms and conditions

  • The service is available currently only to patients with a registered MR number at Providence
  • In the event of patient losing a prescription and cannot upload the same, Providence Pharmacy will call the client and confirm the medicine list with the current medication in electronic health records.
  • No emergency medications can be ordered through this system
  • Providence will attempt to deliver all the medicines within 1 business day (Sunday is a pharmacy holiday). Orders placed after Saturday 12 noon and on Sunday will be delivered by Monday
  • Providence pharmacy will call the client before delivery to ensure the presence of the client at site of delivery
  • Providence Pharmacy will take all precautions including maintenance of cold chain during transport of temperature sensitive products. However in the event that the client is not at the designated place to receive the drug, Providence pharmacy may not be able to guarantee cold chain.
  • Home delivery will be restricted to 10 km from Providence and only on a minimum order of Rs. 1000/. For longer distances, delivery will be considered on case to case basis.
  • If a brand of medicine is not available, Providence Pharmacy will substitute the same with a medicine of equivalent brand.
  • Providence Pharmacy can deny the supply of any medicines which it feels is inappropriate for the client. This will include drugs of abuse and potential abuse/antibiotics/psychiatric medicines/Schedule X medicines.
  • In the purpose of safety, Providence Pharmacy may fail to honor a prescription beyond the duration of prescription as advised by the treating physician

I have read the detailed terms and conditions. I understand my medicines are dispensed by a pharmacist and delivered at my place by a delivery boy. I agree to pay the entire costs of medicines on delivery.

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