Obesity in children

Obesity in childrenWeight gain is one of the most common endocrine problems seen in children. The most common cause of obesity is labelled as “simple obesity”. However, simple obesity is not that simple to deal with. Children who are obese turn out to be adults who are obese. Even children can have metabolic problems like abnormal cholesterol, fatty liver, elevated blood sugars and sleep apnea in association with obesity. Few children with obesity may have genetic syndromes and hormonal problems like Cushing’s syndrome or hypothyroidism. Motivating families to make changes in lifestyle and diet will help improve obesity and metabolic problems in the child. This will involve evaluating the diet and tailoring it to the child’s growing requirements. Making a diagnosis of hormonal problem or genetic disease early can help families adopt definitive treatment methods.

How can we help you?

  1. Arrive at an early diagnosis
  2. Diagnostic tests to find out hormonal and genetic problems
  3. Monitor growth velocity and weight
  4. Designing and implementing dietary interventions
  5. Starting medicines as and when required