RSSDI Kerala 2015

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Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI)

The annual meeting of RSSDI Kerala Chapter is to be held at Uday Samudra, Kovalam on the 7 th and 8 th of March 2015. This year, we have made it a great academic feast by including cutting edge science combined with clinical topics so that both the clinician and the researcher find it appealing. Speakers from outside the state like Prof. KM Prasannakumar, Prof. Vijay Vishwanathan, Dr. Rajiv Chawla and Dr. Shriram Mahadevan have consented to participate in this meeting. In addition we are blessed with the participation of national speakers of great repute.
We would advise you to register for the meeting and attend both days. The organizers have applied for CME credit hours and the same is expected. Kovalam is at its best tourist season with pristine beaches and pleasant climate. Please block your dates for the event.
For your convenience, we have introduced an online registration facility so that the last minute hitches are avoided.

Uday Samudra, Kovalam

DAY 1: 7-3-2015

6.00-6.30 PM:
Challenges in management of diabetes in India: role of individuals, communities and governments
Dr. Sreejith N Kumar, Trivandrum

6:30 -7:00 PM:
What is new in Incretin based therapy
Prof. KM Prasanna Kumar, Bangalore

7:00-7.30 PM
Advances in insulin therapy: focus on Insulin co formulations
Dr Rajeev Chawla, New Delhi

7.30-8.00 PM
Kidney as a therapeutic target in diabetes?
Dr KM Prasanna Kumar, Bangalore

8.00-9.00 PM

9.00-10.00 PM

DAY 2: 8-3-2015

1. Obesity paradox: should we ask patients to lose weight?
Dr. Joe George, Kozhikode

2. Managing diabetes with bariatric surgery
Dr. Jayaprakash, Kochi

3. Ambulatory Glucose Profile
Dr. Chandini R, Kozhikode

4. Post prandial hyperglycemia in Asian Indians: implications for management
Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan, Chennai

11: 00 AM-1:00 PM


1. What next after Metformin? Case studies in different scenarios
Prof. Bhasi, Trivandrum

2. ACC/AHA guidelines on lipid management: to adopt or refuse?
Dr Govindan Unni, Trivandrum

3. Should we continue to use Pioglitazone?
Dr. Balachandran, Kollam

4. Tuberculosis & Diabetes: clinical perspectives
Dr Vijay Vishwanathan, Chennai

1.00-2.00 PM
1. DPP-4 inhibitors and cardiovascular risk, what have we learnt?
Dr. Sriram Mahadevan, Chennai

2. Screening for CV disease in diabetes patients: what is practical?
Prof. George Koshy, Trivandrum

2.00-3.00 PM

Prof. PK Jabbar, IID, Trivandrum
Prof. B. Jayakumar, Trivandrum
Dr. Sasikumar, NIMS Hospital, Trivandrum
Dr. Mathew John, Providence Endocrine and Diabetes Specialty Centre, Trivandrum
Dr. Aneesh Ghosh, Anathapuri Hospitals, Trivandrum
Dr. Thushanth Thomas, KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum
Dr. Rajmohan, KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum
Dr. Jayakumari, Medical College, Trivandrum
Dr. Tittu Oomen, PRS Hospital, Trivandrum


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