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Our response to COVID-19


The coronavirus infection has posed new challenges to running healthcare institutions. Hospitals are faced with a difficult task of taking care of patients with other diseases in addition to the increasing load of people with COVID-19 infections. Healthcare institutions should also make sure that the systems be modified in ways to prevent transmission of infections between patients and from staff to patients.

What are we doing to make your visit safe?

Since March 2020, Providence has changed it working style to suit the changing faces of the epidemic. Here are some of the ways we have modified our operations

  • Screening every patient and family asking for appointments before they arrive at the clinic
  • Hand sanitisation before they enter the clinic
  • Temperature screening and hand sanitation areas at the entrance.
  • Practicing social distancing and avoiding crowds. This is done by planned and timely appointments. Separate waiting areas for patient attendants is arranged. Seating areas are distributed and spaced.
  • Personal protective equipment for all groups of staff appropriate for their risk of infections.
  • Frequent sanitisation and disinfections of the clinic areas including rest rooms, seating areas, counters, doorknobs, railings, and tables. Increased frequency of deep cleaning.
  • UV sterilisation of air in all patient areas

Convenient patient services for avoiding clinic visits


How can you help us?

As you approach us for your medical needs, talk to our staff to find out the best ways to prevent infections.

  • Always wear a high-quality mask (e.g. surgical) when you are inside the clinic. We urge you to dispose the mask as you leave the clinic. Simple cloth masks and masks with exhalation valves are strictly not allowed.
  • Wash your hands and follow all procedures mandated by the clinic.
  • Please declare your status including potential contact with infectious persons, quarantine history and travel history.
  • Let the patient alone enter the consultation room. Finish your consultation quickly and leave the room.
  • Practice safe distancing at the pharmacy. Buy your medicines at one place instead of moving from shop to shop.