It is now accepted that self-monitoring blood glucose with a glucometer does not invalidate the fast. People with diabetes should be educated about the frequency of monitoring during the pre-Ramadan education. The number of times blood glucose should be monitored differs according to the different risk categories of the patient. Regular glucose monitoring may not be required for people with well-controlled blood glucose levels and on medicines that do not cause low glucose (Metformin, SGLT2 inhibitors, DPP4 inhibitors). If you have well-controlled diabetes on oral drugs that cause hypoglycemia or insulin, you need to check at least two times daily. If glucose levels are not well controlled and you have diabetes complications, you need to check glucose more frequently.

An ideal 7-point glucose profile recommendation by IDF is as follows:

1. Pre-dawn meal (Suhoor)
2. Morning
3. Midday
4. Mid-afternoon
5. Pre-sunset meal (Iftar)
6. Two hours after Iftar
7. At any time when there are symptoms of hypoglycemia/ hyperglycemia or feelings of being unwell