Gum disease is very common in people with diabetes with almost 60% affected by it. If the blood glucose levels are uncontrolled, there is a higher risk of developing gum disease. Further increased glucose levels may cause bacterial infections in the teeth and gums. This inflammation of the gum is called periodontitis. This inflammation leads to weakening of the bone that supports the teeth and this leads to loosened teeth and ultimately the teeth may fall off. It is important to get glucose under control even in the early stages of diabetes. This will help reduce the risk of gum disease. Even if you develop gum disease, aggressive control of glucose can lead to faster healing of gum disease.
It is also important to realize that gum infections can lead to uncontrolled diabetes. So, in people with diabetes and uncontrolled glucose levels, a dental check up is required to see if the dental infection is responsible for the elevated glucose levels.