Yes. For a person with diabetes, mild to moderate physical activity levels can be a part of their day-to-day life, even during fasting. Following precautions in the duration, timing, and intensity of exercise can help avoid common complications seen during fasting. Individuals can exercise at a low intensity but for a maximum of 35 minutes, focusing predominantly on aerobic and strength training. This is generally safe in people with diabetes and can help control blood glucose. People who are used to more intensive exercise can pursue the same with more glucose monitoring to avoid hypoglycemia. Health professionals can discuss moderate resistance training / low-intensity cardio workouts instead of intensive exercise regimes. Brisk walking, stair climbing, yoga, swimming, Tai- Chi, and cycling are low-intensity exercises that people with diabetes can perform during fasting. Individuals can perform these exercises five times per week or 150 minutes per week to optimize their health and control their blood glucose levels.