Overweight and obesity causes a host of musculoskeletal problems that can affect the quality of life. There is increased risk of low back pain in people with obesity. Around 20 % of people experience low back pain. This is due to biomechanical changes in the lumbar region. Further there is an increased incidence of DISH in people with obesity. In DISH, there is a calcification of ligaments and tendons around the spine resulting in pain and stiffness. Other joints like hip, knee and shoulders may get affected.

Increased weight puts strain on the weight bearing joints of the lower back, hip, and knee joints. The joints can have damage due to overloading and lead to joint degeneration(osteoarthritis). Excessive body weight can lead to foot pain due to flattening of foot arches. There is an increased risk of plantar fasciitis resulting in heel pain.

There is an increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in people with obesity. Obesity can be associated with gout, an inflammatory condition associated with joint swelling and pain. Rheumatological diseases like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis are also more common in people with obesity.