This is a very common myth and can sometimes lead to fear in the minds of people with diabetes. It is not uncommon to see people refusing to take medicines or insulin due to this fear.
Not only are diabetes medicines safe, but some medicines also have protection for the kidneys. People with diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic kidney disease (DKD) if their blood glucose levels and blood pressure are not optimally controlled. Hence diabetes and hypertension, along with smoking are responsible for increasing risk of kidney disease.
However, once a person develops DKD, the doctor may alter the dose of some of these medications used for diabetes. This is because these drugs are excreted out of the body by the kidney and the blood levels of these drugs may increase in kidney disease. Some of these drugs must be stopped or dosages altered according to the kidney functions of that person. Pain killers (NSAID group) should preferably be avoided, and some antibiotic dosages need be modified. It is not the diabetic medicine which is the real reason for DKD but rather it is the uncontrolled long-term blood glucose which is the culprit for the increased risk of DKD.

Dr. Deepa