Most people with hypothyroidism consume their thyroxin tablets (Eltroxin, Thyronorm, Euthyrox etc.) on an empty stomach after waking up. This is followed by the next meal or drink after 30-60 minutes. However, during Ramadan fasting, people find it challenging to consume the medicine and then fast for the next 30-60 minutes. Therefore, they can consider taking the tablets 30 minutes before Suhoor meal or 1 hour after the night snack before to bed. Scientific studies have shown that bedtime intake of thyroxine results in good absorption of the tablets. It is less of a challenge for people with hyperthyroidism to consume Carbimazole or Methimazole. However, doctors should avoid radioactive iodine therapy in people with hyperthyroidism around the time of Ramadan fast. This is to prevent the potential risk of worsening hyperthyroidism that can happen following the ablation and avoid the risk of hypothyroidism and subsequent doctor visits during Ramadan fast.