Being a genetic condition, there are no cures for Turner syndrome. While there are no specific therapies for TS, there are many treatments to help them with their medical problems. Human growth hormone can help increase height in girls with TS. Girls with TS started early on growth hormones can achieve good height. Without growth hormone treatment, the average height of an adult woman with Turner syndrome is less than 5 feet. However, if treatment starts early and is maintained, girls with Turner syndrome can reach a near-normal height.

Like growth hormone, estrogen replacement therapy is a standard treatment for Turner syndrome. The purpose of estrogen therapy is two-fold—to prompt the body into beginning puberty and to maintain healthy sexual development and functioning throughout adulthood.

Estrogen replacement therapy will help manage pubertal problems of Turner syndrome. It is essential to identify these girls early enough, so their height improves with growth hormone therapy before they are started on estrogen. An endocrinologist can help you optimise both the height and puberty.