Not all patients with diabetes can fast. It is important to seek advice from your doctor before planning to fast. The following group of patients are considered as high risk for fasting:

  1. Those with severe and recurrent episodes of hypoglycaemia and unawareness (not aware of early symptoms of hypoglycaemia despite low sugars)
  2. Those with poor glycaemic control ( Blood sugars > 300 or HbA1c > 9 %)
  3. Those with ketoacidosis in the three months before Ramadan
  4. Those who experience hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic coma within the three months before Ramadan
  5. Those with acute illness
  6. Those who perform intense physical labour
  7. Pregnant women
  8. Those with comorbidities such as advanced macrovascular complications(heart disease) , renal disease, on dialysis, cognitive dysfunction, uncontrolled epilepsy (particularly precipitated by hypoglycaemia)