Self monitoring of blood sugars helps you to know about the status of the blood sugar. You may be prone for high blood sugars and low blood sugars during the fast depending on your medications. We suggest you check the blood sugars at least 2-3 times daily during the fast. Blood sugar levels should be tested frequently, especially during the first hour of fasting, before Al – Zuhr (midday) and Al Asr (afternoon) prayers and before Iftar at Maghrib (sunset), so as to ensure that they stay under control.

Test readings should be discussed with the healthcare team who will adjust the frequency and timing of medication doses accordingly. It is suggested that you discontinue the fast if blood sugars are more than 300 mg/dl or less than 70 mg/dl. The best way to self monitor is by using a glucometer and not urine sugars. Be in touch with your diabetes care nurse or physician if you notice high or low blood sugars. Just monitoring blood sugars does not break a fast.